Monday, 11 July 2011

Thank you, already!

I'm only 3 days into this new blog & already people are following me & are either commenting on my posts, or leaving me messages on facebook!

Mostly folk are saying "good on you!" which is so very appreciated! I think it will help me stay on the "straight & narrow" knowing that folk are reading & keeping up to date with what I am doing... I hadn't thought about "being accountable" when I started this blog... it was much more about the thought process I was going through & how best to keep a record of my pondering & (hopefully) progress, but now that I know there are people following my blog & sending me messages I feel a little more "duty bound" to do my best! I know I'll mess up some days... (today was warm & humid & I had no energy... & I haven't even officially started this lifestyle change, yet!) but there will be days I am so proud of myself! I have to be honest & record the "ooops" events as well as the "hooray!" moments!

One thing that I could not have foreseen is that my wonderful friend, Bridie, phoned me up last night & asked to join me in the Race for Life! I am so thrilled that she will be walking with me! Bridie's mother is a breast cancer survivor & Bridie knew my Mum well... So wonderful to know I'll be doing this with a wonderful friend by my side, Babe! Thank you so much!

Anyway - excersize today... ummmm... we walked around the block (albeit at 'Decca pace')... & then we... uh... Oh yeah! We walked to the chemist, the health food shop & back home (also at 'Decca pace')... & if you count the fact that I went down & up the stairs to the laundry (in our cellar) about 20 times today that's the sum of my excersize!

I did eat healthily... until I ate all those nachos with rather delicious humous this evening! The humous was organic & fresh from the health food shop... the nachos were gross-cheese-burger-flavoured so that was not a good move!

*sigh* Hopefully I'll remember that next time...


  1. Did you want my recipe for hummus ?

  2. I think you sent it to me! This was an impulse buy... I must admit... I do LOVE it though!