Sunday, 19 February 2017

Why I'm Not Really Missing Firefly

I know many of my friends will be shocked at that title... I mean, think about it! Firefly!!! How could I not miss it? Anyone who really knows me... actually anyone who barely knows me... Oh heck - total strangers know the depth of my love for Joss Whedon's band of Big Damn Heroes and the 'verse they inhabit. I have at least a dozen T-shirts, maybe 50 badges, a 76th Uniform, a Kaylee costume & a beautiful Jayne Hat! I know the words to The Hero of Canton inside out and back to front and have seen every episode and the film more times than I can remember... I get so excited when I meet a fellow-browncoat and I stand by my opinion that this was the greatest TV series ever to reach the small screen...
But why would I say, then, that I don't really miss it?

Well, for one thing, I can watch it whenever I want...

I mean, we have at least 2 copies of the full TV series on DVD in our home at any given time! We have Netflix on our TV, computers and iPhones which means we can watch in any room of the house, and even when we're on the road... (well, not if we're physically driving at the time - I'm not that addicted!)

What else keeps the fire burning?
I first watched this TV show back in June 2006 and by the end of the month I was chatting online with new people every day! I made immediate friends with whom I felt a connection - we were all intelligent (well either that or pretty good at bluffing... I won't tell you which I am) and we were imaginative as well. We loved the vision which Joss Whedon shared of a dystopian future where the central planets had all the money, power and technology, but those living on the rim were living in as basic a way as the early pioneers of America, Australia and so many other non-European countries where "civilisation" came with a price for both the natives and the newcomers...
We all fell for the complex characters which Joss had written for us and which a wonderful cast brought to life. Having watched the pilot episode (a double ep called, unsurprisingly, "Serenity") again last night I was struck with how comfortable and established every character seemed in their role... The charisma of the actors came through - the awkward "denial" of Mal & Inara, the relaxed, second nature love of Zoe & Wash, the sibling protectiveness & closeness of Simon and River... It is all there right from the beginning... That is rare in any TV series. If you don't believe me, go and watch "Encounter at Farpoint" - the pilot and first episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The characters were fleshed out over the series, the stories became more complex and the actors more comfortable with one another - but the writing, direction and vision of that first show was pretty underwhelming - and I say that as someone who loves that incarnation of the Trek universe!
We all fell for the film, too - although someone very nearly gave me a spoiler right in the early days... I later realised a reference made online would have given me an inkling of the outcome for at least one character, had I not been so naive about Joss's tendency to- *ahem* ...but I must not continue, lest I become guilty of spoiling anyone's experience, myownself.
We all found friends who understood the pain of having seen some perfect television, and yet knowing it was not long for this life... We shared experiences of how we discovered Firefly, where we were in the world, who introduced us to the show, what we planned to do about it's premature demise! We grew to know each other to the point of sharing our lives via the 'net and the phone... I have dated people I first met online and I have grown so close to others that I have stayed with them in their homes and with their families having never met in person before!! I have even become a God mother for the first time because of a close friendship with one of the dearest people in the world - oh, and FYI, she met her husband through the same Firefly Fandom as she met me!
My life is richer for this fandom. My adventures have been more varied and incredible since discovering this TV show, it's film and the many, many fans of my perfect TV show! I cannot say I miss it when it's impact is visible nearly every single day! I still dream of a future where we get to learn more of the stories Joss Whedon had planned for his "big damn heroes" whether that be by animation, film, TV series, comics and visual novels, audio episodes (something like "Big Finish" installments)  or some other way which I cannot even imagine, but I have no doubt Joss could surprise me with!
So here's to my many additional "sisters", "brothers" "Kaylee-clones" and "best friends", here's to the many stories we've enjoyed over and over again, here's to the folk I feel a permanent kinship with because of the magic of Whedon, and the Big Damn Heroes who brought our 'Verse to life!

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